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The measurement and management of downside market risk are paramount to our Fund’s strategy. We use advanced technical and statistical patterns along with machine learning models to identify statistical anomalies and inefficient patterns in the financial markets. We then run those anomalies through vigorous statistical and risk management tests, and trade based on those patterns. We adjust our position sizes to allocate risk based on market volatility and limit risk allocation to minimise downside exposure while delivering the strategy targets we’ve set.

Our developers work closely with our research team headed out by the fund manager to automate and build the algorithms they created in their modelling by turning them into real products, such as order gateways to be used with banks or currency exchange enterprises. They design cutting edge digital tools that enable us to perform market data capture and analysis, monitor operations and reconcile our positions with counterparties. Ultimately, we are committed to driving excellent results for our Fund, and in turn our clients.