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Why invest with Alpha Point Capital?

Superior Investment Strategy and Risk Management

Albert Einstein once said, "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer" … we tend to agree with him. This philosophy underpins over a decade’s worth of work and modelling we have applied to solving market anomalies and is the cornerstone of our tireless Pursuit of Excellence. Alpha Point Capital’s Multi-Asset Fund looks beyond traditional investment opportunities which provide investors with positive absolute returns, that have a low correlation to traditional equity and bond markets. Compounding our philosophy and investment outlook with years of automation and testing enables us to deliver robust, reliable, and superior returns.

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Introducing the Alpha Point Capital Multi-Asset Fund

Our fund invests in a portfolio of quantitative, systematic trading strategies, used across a diverse universe of global, liquid and electronically traded markets, so that your risk-adjusted return is fully maximised. We react quickly to changes or instability in the market and add or remove different strategies in response.

Our evolutionary strategies:

Mean reversion

Aims to capitalise on extreme changes in the price of a particular security, based on the assumption that it will eventually return to its previous price.

Statistical arbitrage

Intended to reduce exposure to asset risk by investing in multiple, correlated securities at the same time.

Trend following

An analysis strategy designed to take advantage of changes in the market through careful monitoring of trends.


Momentum trading is a technique in which traders buy and sell according to the strength of recent price trends. Price momentum is determined by other factors like trading volume and rate of change in prices.

A team of trusted experts

Alpha Point Capital is made up of a unique team of traders, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists. All our distribution is done in-house, to ensure we deliver the highest quality experience to our investors.

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Superior risk management

Multi asset

Superior returns



How we invest

We use advanced technical and statistical models along with machine learning models to identify anomalies and inefficient patterns in the financial markets. We then run those anomalies through vigorous statistical and risk management tests, and trade based on those patterns. We adjust our position sizes to allocate risk based on market volatility in order to minimise downside exposure while delivering the strategy targets we’ve set. The measurement and management of downside market risk is paramount to our Fund’s strategy.

Our researchers and developers are industry-leaders in:
Financial modelling
Machine learning algorithms
Back testing strategies
Parameter optimisation
Production reconciliation relative to models
Reporting of results

Our developers work closely with our research team to automate and build algorithms that were modelled in their research by turning them into real automated trading algorithms. We design and build cutting edge algorithmic systems and tools that enable us to capture alpha with a strong focus on stringent risk management. Ultimately, we are committed to driving excellent results for our Fund, and in turn our clients.

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